Baan: Session ttiex1285m000 hang-up when importing scripts

I recently had a strange issue when I tried to import some data into test environment with session ttiex1285m000 (import data dictionary).

The session will hang up when it starts to import scripts. The actual screen shows the script is ottiex1288. It hangs up because it is checking the VRC structurer in the background.

Also, in the table level, there was a special records in table tttadv111. But this cannot be found when you use database tools such as SQL Server Management Tools.

At first, I thought it might be related to the license as we recently had a license validation on the source codes. But this should not be the issue as we could import the same dumps into our live servers.

Next, I reported this issue to Infor Support, who thinks this is related to the database. I did try to think the same and copied the whole Baan environment as well as the database from the live server. This did not solve the issue at all.

Finally, as we recently updated the database service packs and portingset, I thought this should be related to this. Therefore, I called for the backup tapes months ago before this upgrade and restored the whole server. Unfortunately, this did not solve the issue either.

By this moment, I almost gave up and planned to create a new server by copying the live server completely. All at one sudden, I got a solution!

It is the Regional Settings in Windows that causes all these problems. The system language for non-unicode programs was not set to the right one.

After I changed to the right language and rebooted the server, all specials records in the tables are gone. Most important, I could import any scripts within seconds. Just as simple as this!

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