Migrating Database from MySql 4 to 5

The MySQL 4 will be phased out soon in my space provider. So I must migrate to the latest version to support the WordPress blog program. Luckily, the provider supplies a tool to migrate from the version 4 to 5. I think it just exports all the data from the original database, then imports to the new version of database.

After collecting all the information for migration, I transfer the database using the Migration Tools of space provider. It only took few minutes for it to get it done. I bet this is because not so many records in the tables.

Next step is to re-configure the WordPress with the new database settings. It is not so difficult as I installed a new version for another website. The differences are Database Host, Database Name, User/Password, of which the new Database Host: localhost:/tmp/mysql5.sock.

Now it works perfectly as before. This is an early Christmas gift I made for myself. How Happy I am!

Merry Christmas to all my family and friends!