Windows Live Writer

I found a good tool to easily write and post my blog. That’s Windows Live Writer. It’s so convenient!

What you want to do is to download from the windows live website, then to install in your computer and to set up the connection. Here you go!

You can find more at

If you want to connect the WordPress, you may get the error “Error 412 Precondition failed”. There are generally 2 things in a WordPress setup that will block Windows Live Writer:
1. You need to enable the XML-RPC publishing protocol under Settings -> Writing;
2. You need to change the .htaccess for WordPress to allow access to the xmlrpc.php file.  The code is …
<Files xmlrpc.php>
SecFilterInheritance Off

Note: Do not put in the segment defined by WordPress. Otherwise, it will be overwirtten.

Enjoy to post your blogs!